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The Occupation in numbers
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by Gert Laursen
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Duration of the Occupation:
9th of April 1940 - 5th of May 1945

Danish losses during the war:
1281 sailors killed
797 killed in various actions
515 died in concentration camps
183 killed in the bombing of Gestapo headquarters (Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen)
102 executed by the Germans
102 killed during the large strikes
88 killed by bombardments
33 killed when a German freighter exploded in the harbour of Aarhus
26 soldiers killed during the fighting when the Germans took over control on the 29th of August 1943
13 soldiers, airmen and frontier guards killed during the invasion on the 9th of April 1940
11 killed by the bombardment of the shipyard Burmeister and Wain on the 27th of January 1943
10 civilians killed when the Russians bombarded Bornholm
11 murdered in the Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen (the Shell House)
Total: 3172

About 8000 Danes volunteered to fight for the Germans on the Eastern front. About 3900 lost their lives.

German occupation troops:
In May of 1944 210.000 German occupation troops were stationed in Denmark. About 11.000 of these were used to guard the railroad network.

Fortifications built:
About 6000 fortifications were built in Denmark during the war.

The merchant marine:
On the 9th of April 230 ships of about 680.000 BRT and with a crew of 5000-6000 men were located outside Danish waters. Most of the ships and men joined the Allieds.

The Danish Jews:
The number of Jews in Denmark amounted to about 7000.
On the night of the 1st and 2nd of October 1943 the Germans tried to arrest them but most of them had already been smuggled to Sweden with the help of the Danish resistance. Only 472 were arrested and transferred to the Theresienstadt concentration camp. 52 died here.

About 17.800 Danes fled to Sweden during the war.

Concentration camps:
About 6000 Danes were sent to German concentrations camps. About 2000 were policemen. In all 500 Danes died in German concentration camps.

From 1940-1945 2548 acts of sabotage was conducted (sabotage against rail installations are not accounted for)

The sabotage was conducted against:
785 factories
448 cars and carparks
431 German military installations
235 shops owned by nazi sympathizers
178 restaurants
167 ships and harbours installations
112 transformers and electrical installations
98 laundries
95 oil and gas installations

Illegal newspapers:
During the occupation 552 different magazines or newspapers were published- The largest, Frit Danmark (free Denmark) had published in 150.000 issues by the end of the war. In all almost 23.000.000 underground newspapers were distributed during the occupation.

During the war the Danish Resistance liquidated 375 persons. An investigation after the war concluded that 9 of these were unjustified.

Railroad sabotage:
In all 2156 acts of sabotage were conducted against the rail. Among the targets were 25 bridges and 19 water towers.

Supply droppings:
In 418 operations, 678 tons of supplies were dropped in 6441 containers to the Danish resistance. Only 241 of the containers were lost to the Germans.

Allied airplane crashes:
240 allied planes crashed or made an emergency landings in Denmark during the war. About 1050 British and about 150 American airmen lost their lives. About 350 survived the crashes and about 100 were helped to Sweden.

German airplane crashes:
During the war 294 German planes crashed or made an emergency landing in Denmark.

Allied bombardments:
Number of bombs dropped over Denmark:

1940: 722
1941: 3430
1942: 7103
1943: 4654
1944: 9138
1945: 520
Total: 25.567 or about 1000 tons of bombs

German refugees in Denmark
From February 1945 - May 1945 244.000 German refugees, 50.000 wounded soldiers and 24.000 refugees and prisoners from other countries arrived in Denmark. The last returned home in the spring of 1949. The housing had cost the Danish state about 500.000.000 kr.

tilbage til artikel oversigt
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